Take in the Moment with Each of Your Senses

Do you ever feel like your days are so busy you can’t think straight, and when you do take a moment to breathe and relax, you can’t turn off your thoughts? It happens to all of us. The simple routine of connecting with your breath and your senses can help bring you into the moment and reset your brain. Continue reading “Take in the Moment with Each of Your Senses”

Flowers can’t grow without rain. It’s OK to cry.

Research shows us that being positive is good for our overall health. Positivity can build immunity, lower stress and even increase lifespan. The benefits are amazing.

However, did you know that being positive doesn’t mean that you need to be happy all the time? Many people confuse being positive with not feeling negative emotion. Emotions are part of being human. We feel joy, pain, gratitude, anger, sorrow, love, grief, faith, fear and many more. We need to feel all of these feelings to move forward in life – to continue to grow.

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Self-love is Not Selfish

selfieFor a long time I didn’t love myself. I understood that I had a lot to offer the world, but I couldn’t feel it in my heart. My sense of self-worth was low, and I didn’t know any different way of being.

Once I realized that it was an issue, I began working on growing my self-esteem. Paradoxically I became more and more fearful. Why? Because I confused self-worth with selfishness. I was fearful that if I loved myself or allowed myself to shine, I would be an egotistical *!$#@# and no one would want to be around me. What I realized was that I was becoming that egotistical, selfish person by NOT loving myself! I was focused on self in a negative way instead of a positive – and it was taking far more energy and time. Being able to see this truth and pattern opened me to live a different way.

My heart is happiest when I’m helping others. In order to do that, I have to help and love myself.

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Hello, World.

Sarah Kelly, Integrative Health Coach
Sarah Kelly, Integrative Health Coach

It’s the unofficial launch of Sarah Kelly Coaching, and I’m so excited to meet you!

Yes, YOU!

I’m starting this coaching business because we all need a little help – even with the basics. How many times have you said you’re going to start eating healthier, but didn’t quite follow through? Promised yourself you wouldn’t binge-watch the next season of whatever hit show on Netflix, but suddenly it’s midnight and you’re barely holding your eyes open? It’s hard to make changes, particularly in areas that may feel like a comfort zone or downtime.

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