It’s not a competition

There’s enough space in the world for us all to shine bright!

I love thinking about this and remembering that life’s journey is not a “competition.” Because despite my heart and good intentions, this is something I’ve had to work on… and continue to work on. Sometimes I have a knee-jerk reaction that when someone else is shining, my own light might be diminished.

We live in a competitive world where we are told that when one person wins, another loses. But that’s about our own fear and nothing to do with the other person. Comparing and judging comes out of fear. A fear that we’re not enough, that others will see that we’re not worthy or that something we want will be taken away from us.

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Gratitude isn’t just a word or a day. It’s a lifestyle.

imageAcross the country families and friends are gathering around the dinner table to celebrate Thanksgiving and share what they are grateful for this year. I love this day about community, food and gratitude – totally my type of holiday!

But, gratitude extends far beyond a day or a moment – it’s a lifestyle. Being grateful allows us to truly enjoy life. I’ve learned that no matter how bad it gets, there is always something to be grateful for, and holding onto that smidgen of gratitude can be the reminder that gets me through an hour, a day or a circumstance.

Nearly seven years ago I hit a rough patch in my life. Some would say things were falling apart. Today, I know it was my breakthrough moment, the day when things would finally start coming together. Why? Because I would be willing to live differently than I had ever before. I said no to self-pity, selfishness and being the victim. I said yes to a lifestyle of gratefulness, accountability and growth. Continue reading “Gratitude isn’t just a word or a day. It’s a lifestyle.”

Be Gentle on Yourself

Photo Courtesy UnSplashOne of the greatest pieces of advice I’ve ever received is to be gentle with myself. It took years to learn, but its simplicity is life changing.

I was going through a difficult time in my life and seeking help. A beautiful Irish woman was placed in my journey. Her beauty was deeper than looks, she radiated something that I wanted, something in my life I didn’t have at the time. She radiated peace and serenity. In my version of the story, it was as though she was surrounded by white light like an angel and that her words were pure magic. She would describe herself in much more humble terms. It was true though; she was a ray of light in a time of darkness for me.

It took some time, but I eventually got up the nerve to talk to her. She became a spiritual role model for me, and today I’m lucky enough to call her a friend. No matter what happened in my day or week, good or bad, I would look to her, seeking a solution, a quick fix to feel better. But, the reply was always the same, a soft Irish brogue, “Be gentle on yourself.”

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