Sarah Kelly Coaching uses a model of integrative health and wellness coaching to help clients live a joyful, healthy life. As life becomes increasingly busy and demanding, it’s important to nurture our most basic needs. Too often we put important things like sleep, nutrition, exercise, relationships, spirituality and meditation on the back burner to focus on whatever else seems more pressing in the moment. Coaching sessions help clients find ways to implement lasting change in their lives.

For some, it’s important to learn their own self-worth in order to make changes. Through self-worth tools and exercises, Sarah helps clients understand how putting oneself first isn’t selfish, but actually a crucial piece of showing up for others.

Sarah works with anyone who is looking to make behavior change. She specializes in working with the military community, recovery community, and trauma survivors.

New behavior takes time to become a part of daily life because change is not easy. In order to make sustainable change, it takes dedication. Geography is no obstacle – individual sessions can be conducted in-person, online or by phone. Consultations are always FREE!

One Day Intensive

While change takes time, many feel they don’t have the time to commit to a weekly practice. Sarah offers one day intensive sessions to those who want to jump-start their journey of self-worth, self-love and change.

Basic Package
Six sessions over 2-3 months

1 – 90 minute assessment
5 – 45-50 minute sessions
Text/email support
Quick support calls as needed

Extended Package
12 sessions over 3-6 months

1 – 90 minute assessment
11 – 45-50 minute sessions
Text/email support
Quick support calls as needed

Holiday Support

Overwhelmed by the holidays? Need a little more support? This mini-coaching package is the perfect little boost you need. This limited time offer is good for 3 sessions of a half hour in length by phone or video chat.

Purchase your package online.

Location is no obstacle – and initial consultations are always free!


“My time with Sarah was an unexpected Blessing. Her listening heart and shared wisdom provided me with support and confidence when I sorely needed both. Working with her was an affirmation that continues to be with me today, not only in the affirmation cards she gave me, but in the very real Self understanding and acceptance that I experienced through my work with Sarah. Thank you Sarah!” – Pamela

“I don’t know where to begin or how to thank you. I had never done coaching until I met you. I had done therapy several times throughout my life, however coaching had never really crossed my radar. When I met you the first time I was taken by your inner strength and the light and goodness you carry with you. You helped me work through concerns I had not been able to address and did it in a present day and readily applicable fashion. Your approach was gentle yet firm and your way of helping me to see things was unbelievable. You gave me a gift that no one ever has. A light to see that as we go through life’s struggles we don’t have to be alone and situations or diagnosis’s, etc don’t need to define us. I also follow you on Instagram and love your posts. 🙂 Thank you for being you.” – Jahnna

“Sarah has a unique gift of intuitively guiding one to the answers and solutions they need. I worked with her during a period of significant loss and transition. Sarah listened and gently, often with humor, helped me navigate important decisions with confidence. I am forever grateful to her.” – Moya

“Working with Sarah is like having an incredibly wise, sympathetic, supportive friend (which, I guess, is how it should be) who listens carefully, asks pointed questions, and suggests new habits and ways of thinking that help you deal with life’s difficult and frustrating challenges. And then helps you stay accountable.” – Gretchen

“I felt listened to, validated and supported with figuring out a possible direction to go in, but never pushed to commit to it. She told me to ‘mentally play with the idea and let it wash over me for awhile.’ I loved that!! Too many times I’m in a rush to make a decision and get things done without letting it soak in, feel it and go with the flow. This way was much better and will have lasting benefits on my life.” – Becky

“Sarah is awesome. With empathy, thoughtful questioning, humor and insight, she provides excellent guidance and support as I explore what I truly want in life and take steps to get there.” – Willa