Sarah Kelly Coaching uses a model of integrative health and wellness coaching to help clients learn practices of self-care and balance for a joyful, healthy life. As life becomes increasingly busy and demanding, it’s important to nurture our most basic health needs. Too often we put important things like sleep, nutrition, exercise, relationships, spirituality and meditation on the back burner to focus on whatever else seems more pressing in the moment. However, having good overall health and preventing future health problems is reliant on maintaining self-care. Coaching sessions help clients find ways to implement lasting change in their lives

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“In the midst of a life full with many transitions, I found myself needing some extra support. I came across Sarah Kelly’s card at a local cafe during a short trip to Portland. Although, we’re many miles away I found it super easy connecting with her online. I’m so glad I picked up her card! We worked in all the areas where I looked for improvement and lo and behold… I improved in each one! 🙂 From basic needs I neglected at times to complicated situations Sarah Kelly held space for me to learn, grow and execute! Today, I have resources and a feeling of empowerment that can only take me to higher places! Thank you Sarah! ♥– Malaya M.

“I have been seeing Sarah for coaching regularly for over a year. Sarah has really helped me along as I have moved my life forward. She has an amazing way of making space for you to figure out what you want, how to get there, and how to deal with challenges as they come up. I enjoy that she has a very holistic approach, looking at all aspects of life (career, health, happiness, spirituality, etc). Sarah has a wonderful sense of humor, excellent listening skills, and excellent empathy. She rocks. You won’t regret consulting with her.
– Willa M.