It’s not a competition

There’s enough space in the world for us all to shine bright!

I love thinking about this and remembering that life’s journey is not a “competition.” Because despite my heart and good intentions, this is something I’ve had to work on… and continue to work on. Sometimes I have a knee-jerk reaction that when someone else is shining, my own light might be diminished.

We live in a competitive world where we are told that when one person wins, another loses. But that’s about our own fear and nothing to do with the other person. Comparing and judging comes out of fear. A fear that we’re not enough, that others will see that we’re not worthy or that something we want will be taken away from us.

But, good news! Self awareness leads to positive change. I don’t have to live that way or feed into that fear anymore… and neither do you! This is what I do today: I pause. I take a deep breath. I remember that success and love are limitless, and free for all of us. I know that I am enough and I have enough. Someone’s success isn’t taking away, it’s adding! I remember that we are all on this Earth with purpose. Those reminders help me live in faith and serenity.

When we come from a place of faith instead of fear, we can fully recognize that someone else blooming is a beautiful process that we can watch with wonder. We can encourage their growth and love them with compassion. And together we can each shine and share the joy of community.

✨You are worth shining bright and blooming to your full potential.✨

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