Monday, April 6 – Arrive in Cusco. We will be staying at a beautiful hotel, Antigua Casona San Blas to ease into our time together. This day is dedicated to rest and acclimation. Many of the flights from the states are overnight, and it’s important to get the necessary rest to be able to show up to the rest of the trip fully. Retreat hosts, Sarah and Sarah, will be available all day to meet-up individually, help you get situated, etc. If you are feeling up to it, Holy Monday is quite the celebration in Cusco! You will witness old Incan tradition combined with the Catholic influence of the Spanish. The whole city is celebrating. We will have an optional early group dinner. 

Tuesday, April 7 – Breakfast is included at the hotel. Individual free time in the morning to explore Cusco, or simply sip coffee and rest. Lunch is on your own. In the early afternoon, we will travel by van to Pachamama Wasi in the Urubamba Valley, also known as the Sacred Valley of the Incas. Once we get settled into Pachamama Wasi, we will gather for a payment to Mother Earth ceremony led by our host Ananda Mai before dinner. After dinner we will have our opening circle. For those whose bodies or minds are feeling the impact of long flights and travel, an optional yoga and meditation practice will be held before our opening circle. Dinner included.

Wednesday, April 8 – Our day will start with a grounding and restorative yoga session to honor our bodies after the long journey to Peru and to arrive, fully present in our shared experience. After yoga and breakfast, our tour conductor, Mallku Malasquez, will take us on a hike in Yanahuara. This breathtaking hike will connect us to the local beauty of the Andes that surround and embrace the Center. It is a rigorous hike to the top of a mountain where we will enjoy a picnic lunch. Since we will be at the end of the rainy season, a portion of the hike is through riverbeds and water. There will be an opportunity to take a full dip in a shallow waterfall if you prefer an energetic cleanse to start the retreat or at the mountaintop pond. We will feel the energy, take time to meditate, listen to the intermingling sounds of the water, nature, and flute, and fully be present. On the way back, we will stop in the local village to see how Chicha is made and learn more about local plants. Upon our return we can rest before an early dinner, followed by an evening workshop and meditation. Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

Thursday, April 9 – An energizing slow-flow yoga class, breakfast and then a drive through the valley to reach the village of Pisac. We will drive until we reach the hiking path that takes us to the archeological site believed to have built by the same Inca responsible for the construction of the Machu Picchu sanctuary. Our first experience with ruins! We will hike for one and a half to two hours in a guided tour of this vast archeological sight to marvel at the work of the Incas. After our hike, we will have lunch in the village of Pisac followed by an hour of shopping in the markets. There will be an evening meditation and workshop. Breakfast and dinner included.

Friday, April 10 –We will start the day with our yoga practice followed by breakfast. We will visit the village of Ollantaytambo. This impressive archeological site was never finished as work halted after the Spanish arrived. Lots of stairs reveal beautiful panoramic views in the distance. We will have lunch on followed by a brief stop at the Seminario Ceramic Workshop. Seminario’s art is quite impressive. We will have a little bit of free time in the afternoon for you to have rest or have some alone time.

In the early evening, we will have the opportunity to participate in a sweat lodge. This is an incredibly spiritual experience. In the sweat you will release things that are no longer serving you, and continue opening the path to your heart. We will be led through the four directions with beautiful guidance from our hosts including stories, prayers and singing. After the sweat, we will have dinner with conversation inspired by our experience in the sweat. Breakfast and dinner included.

Saturday, April 11 – Our morning yoga class will prepare us for tomorrow’s trek to Machu Picchu. After breakfast, we will visit the Salineras Salt Fields that are impressive to look at and great in photos. We will also visit Moray, an Incan site for testing agriculture and weather.

We will return to Pachamama Wasi mid-day to focus on rejuvenating our souls to clear the path to finding our inner source of love and healing. Writing, napping, coloring, conversation, and meditation are all encouraged. Massages, facials, energy healing and individual coaching sessions will also be offered at additional cost.

We will have an early dinner followed by a sound healing ceremony. Through crystal bowls and other instruments, you will experience sound’s vibrations moving through your body to release emotion and ground us for tomorrow’s trek to Machu Picchu.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

Sunday, April 12 – This is the day we head to Machu Picchu! The time and length of yoga will be determined by when our train to Machu Picchu departs from the Ollantaytambo train station, but we will have time for breakfast! Once we arrive in Aguas Calientes, we will check into our hotel and have free time to explore and eat lunch. After, we will take a bus to the sanctuary of Machu Picchu where we will meet our guide. After an amazing afternoon immersed in the energy and history of Machu Picchu, that even pictures can’t fully describe, we will take the bus back to Aguas Calientes and have a nice dinner together where we will share our experiences of the afternoon. No evening workshop. Breakfast included.

Monday, April 13 – On this day we will be visiting Huayana Picchu, the Moon Temple. This hike is a vigorous climb to the top, but worth it. Lots of stairs and some impressive cliffside views. You will definitely want to prepare ahead of time for this hike. And it’s completely worth every step. For those who feel they are unable, there will be the option to go back to Machu Picchu for self-guided exploring or to spend the day in Aguas Calientes for shopping or visiting nearby hot springs. Everyone will grab a late lunch/early dinner on their own before getting an evening train back to Pachamama Wasi. Breakfast included.

Tuesday, April 14 – Self-care day! This trip will bring up emotions, personal growth and areas of discomfort. We want to support you in every way possible to hold the space for change, and return home rejuvenated. We’ll start the day with another extended yoga and meditation practice to tap back into the strength and passion present in each of our hearts and prepare us for the hard work of being present to our own needs. On this day we will have individual Coca Leaf Readings where you can get intuitive guidance on any pressing issues that have arisen over the retreat – times TBD. Coca leaf reading is an ancient tradition that can give you insight to your past, present or future. We’ll also have a full group workshop this morning.

Most of the day will be devoted to YOU. Free time to meditate, write, nap, and get emotionally ready to return home. Massages, facials, energy healing and individual coaching sessions will also be offered at additional cost.

Breakfast, lunch and dinner included.

Wednesday, April 15 – Our last morning yoga session will wrap-up our experiences of the week with open hearts. After breakfast we will gather for our closing circle. We will return to Cusco around noontime. This will be the end of our journey together. For those who wish to tour Cusco, or stay longer, we can make recommendations. Breakfast included.

There is a $350 non-refundable deposit due immediately to secure your spot. Full $1,000.00 deposit due by August 31. Prices will increase on September 1. All online transactions have an additional 3% service fee. Reserve your spot online or send a check to Sarah Kelly Coaching, LLC at P.O. Box 8034, Portland, Maine 04102. Payment plans are available upon request.

Questions? Reach out to us at anytime, or visit the frequently asked questions.