Soft Heart, Hard World

Many of us are feeling on edge right now. Life feels harsher in our current environment, and the weight of it all can seem overwhelming. For some, this feeling is not new, for others it’s an uncomfortable new awakening. No matter what your status, self -care is imperative. In order to give back and continue to use our voices for positive change, it’s important to rest and rejuvenate.

While we can’t control everything happening in the world, we can control our own environment and behavior.

  • Turn off media. Shut off the news. Put your phone down. Sign out of social media. It’s important to stay informed, it’s also important to take breaks.
  • Make time to meditate. Meditation is proven to help build resilience and lower stress. It can be as simple as a quick breathing exercise to check-in with your senses or an hour-long sitting practice. There is no “right way” to meditate. Explore what works for you!
  • Get rest. Make sure you’re getting adequate sleep every night.
  • Eat well. When I’m struggling, all I want is mac and cheese and ice cream. This works in the short-term as a quick “fix” but isn’t great for long-term health. Try to find healthy comfort foods that recharge and refuel you.
  • Move your body. Whether it’s a dance party in your kitchen, a yoga class or a long run, get your body moving. Our bodies hold stress, moving will help move the energy as well.
  • Listen to your body. If you can make it to every rally, participate daily advocacy, and continue to learn and be active – more power to you! If you can’t keep up with the momentum and your body is suffering, make sure to listen to it. This is a marathon, not a sprint.
  • Spend time with people you love. Community is important all the time. It’s particularly important in times of stress. Lean into your tribe.
  • Do something you enjoy. Take a hot bath, snuggle up in your favorite chair with a book, go for a run or spend time with friends.
  • Write down gratitude. Each day write down five things that you’re grateful for to help your brain stay positively charged.
  • Be gentle on yourself. You binged on Netflix while eating nothing but mac and cheese. It’s OK. Take a deep breath and start again. You can restart your day at any point. 🙂

We’re all in this together. Take gentle care dear readers.

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