Sometimes It’s OK to Stop Fighting: Surrender

Living with chronic illness or chronic pain is exhausting. The days when it’s exacerbated can feel overwhelming and never-ending. Here’s a tip: instead of fighting, accept and surrender.

When we think of illness, we almost always use the word “fight” because that’s what it feels like – a battle. It can be a battle just to get out of bed, to go to the store, to do the normal everyday things in life. But what happens when we stop fighting? Sometimes, when we surrender, our body gets what it needs to move forward.

Surrender BlogNow I’m not recommending giving up. Surrender is different. Surrender is a form of acceptance. When accepting illness, it’s far easier to live in the solution rather than focusing on the problem.

For instance, I have fibromyalgia. I can push and fight to keep active and busy, but it’s only going to make my recuperation time longer. The harder I push, the more stressed my body becomes. When I realize that I’m struggling and take the time to stop and accept my illness, I can more easily remember what I need to do to heal. When I accept that this is a part of my life, I’m free to really live. I sleep as needed, I move as I can and I remind myself that this will pass. Nothing is permanent.

It’s OK to take a break from the battle. Take a day or two or however long your body needs to recuperate. If you’re dealing with a chronic condition, you will need to battle one day, whether it’s to show up to an important event or because you’re hanging on by a thread. Save those days for when they are needed. When you can, take a deep breath, accept, and surrender into it. Your body will thank you.



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