Just Me

“If you are never alone, you cannot know yourself.”
-Paulo Coelho

Years ago I was offered advice to write down all of the things that I wanted in my life within the following five years, seal it up and wait to open it. I stumbled across this list recently when I was organizing my office (and ironically right before leaving on my first solo vacation in over a decade). Clearly marked, “Open October 2016.” Given that the deadline had passed six months prior, I opened to see my dreams unfold.

Listed: to have found love; to be married with a child or one on the way; health; working part-time doing something that I love; security in myself; sober; have a dog and cat; feel happy.

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Flowers can’t grow without rain. It’s OK to cry.

Research shows us that being positive is good for our overall health. Positivity can build immunity, lower stress and even increase lifespan. The benefits are amazing.

However, did you know that being positive doesn’t mean that you need to be happy all the time? Many people confuse being positive with not feeling negative emotion. Emotions are part of being human. We feel joy, pain, gratitude, anger, sorrow, love, grief, faith, fear and many more. We need to feel all of these feelings to move forward in life – to continue to grow.

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